How to choose a breast pump

December 3, 2015

Congratulations on you’re new baby!  As you’re getting prepared for you’re new bundle of joy, and choosing a breast pump is on you’re list, there are a few things to consider.  Choosing the right breast pump is just as important as choosing a car seat or the perfect crib.

How often will you use it?

Are you a full time mommy, and will only be away from your little one short periods of time?  If so, you may only need a simple hand pump.

Do you need to do it quickly?

If you’re going back to work and you need to do it fast on a short break every few hours, then an electric double pump might be the best option for you.  On average it takes 10-15 minutes or so to pump each breast, so the double pump cuts your time in half by having the ability to do both sides at the same time.

Easy to assemble?

Especially if you plan on pumping quickly from work, you want to make sure it’s easy to assemble.  It’s no fun to have to fumble around with a complicated assembly process every time you pump.  That can get frustrating and may deter you from being too excited about pumping.  The longer you provide you’re baby with your own nourishing breast milk the better!  So make sure it’s a simple task!


Breast pumps can cost anywhere from $20 to over $200.  So if you have the money to put out for a higher priced one, it’s great to enjoy all the conveniences of it.  Electric pumps always cost more than the manual pumps, but if you plan on using it quite a bit, or a lot, trust me, it’s definitely worth a few extra bucks.

Easy to transport

If you’re on the go a lot, (you’re a mom, of course you are!), or especially if you are a working mom and are transporting it to and from work, you’ll want to make sure your pump comes with a nice travel bag, and I recommend an insulated cooler bag to transport pumped milk.

Personally, I am a part-time working mom, and I needed to have milk pumped for my baby while he was away from me 3 days per week.  So I had to use my pump 3 days per week, and needed to do it quickly during short breaks and get back to work. I went down the middle of the road and used the one shown below.  It was perfect for my needs: affordable, very easy to use, easy to clean, has different adjustments to make it comfortable and control pump speed, comes with a travel bag, insulated cooler, and it got the job done quickly since it’s an electric dual pump.

…And don’t forget to get extra bottles!  Hope this helps, and good luck choosing the right one for you!

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