Potty training tips?

December 4, 2015
I need help!  My son is just over 2 years old...  Months ago I set out his potty training toilet I have for him-- just to let him kinda get used to it I guess.  And often, when I would go to use the bathroom, he would come in, lift up the seat and sit down on his (fully clothed).  So I thought 'cool, he's getting the idea of what it's for', and he also showed other signs of being ready.  But since I had a lot going on in the upcoming months-- married his daddy, moved to his daddy's house, cleaned out mine, rented it out, and a 2 week trip to Ohio, I figured I'd wait until everything calmed down and we were settled in our new home.  Well, so we're there now.  ...And I got all excited, bought him training pants, and planned to let him run around the house in his training pants all day, and I would just keep having him go sit on the potty throughout the day periodically, and go from there. But now... now that I'm in a good position to get after potty training (I canNOT wait for diaper changing to end!).. now, he wants nothing at all to do with his little mini toilet that sits next to our big toilet in the bathroom.  Won't go near it!!!  For now I decided maybe he's just not ready after all.  I thought he was, but maybe I was wrong.  I figured I'd wait awhile, and try again in a couple weeks or something?  Any advice is much appreciated!

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