Best Christmas gifts for toddlers 2015

December 7, 2015

Whether it’s a gift you’re seeking for your own little tike, or for your little nephew or neice, or your grandbaby- sometimes it’s hard to decide on that special gift for that special toddler in your life.  Here are some ideas for some of the top toys of 2015 for the little one in this fun stage of life:  toddlerism.

Let’s Rock Elmo

This is pretty sweet, because it’s interactive.  And toddlers are at that stage where they looooove interactive toys!  This comes with a microphone, drum set, and tambourine, and you can also get additional instruments to go with it. …Or have other family members get them the additional instruments if they are needing a gift idea 😉  My toddler is so into singing and dancing now, so anything that involves music, and a chance to shake his booty is right up his alley!


Radio Flyer 4-in 1 Trike

Tots are so very active and on the go, right?  Exhausting to us tired, old adults sometimes.. uuugh.  Any toy that helps them get some of their energy out– definitely a must-have!  What is totally awesome about this trike is the fact it takes them through several stages of their life- which means you can get quite a few years of use out of this.  There are many, many things we buy our growing babies that they outgrow sooo fast!  So I love, love, love spending hard earned money on something they can actually use and enjoy longer than 6 months!  This trike can be used as a fun stroller from 9-18 mo before they’re even ‘big’ enough for a trike.  The seat adjusts for them as they grow, and you can set the pedals to be used as foot rests when you’re pushing them.  Then, when they’re big enough to pedal themselves,  then comes the fun part, and we can sit back and relax while they exert all that pent up energy they always seem to have..

Fish-Price Laugh & Learn, Learn & Move Music Station

Another amaaaazing toy, because it is incredibly interactive, not to mention musical.. and what toddler doesn’t love dancing and shakin their booty?  Aaaaand.. it’s educational.  Toddlers are little sponges, and this is the time they are learning like craaaazy.. so I love a good, interactive toy that engages their curious little minds, but is also EDUCATIONAL, to make learning fun.  This connects to the TV too, so it really makes it fun for kids!

Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set

If you have a toddler, I’m sure they’ve been trying to “help” you in the kitchen when you’re cooking or baking.  They just love to be in the middle of things and do everything you do.  This cookie baking set is super for those avid little imaginations while they pretend bake with you in the kitchen!


My Own LeapTop

Another very awesome gift idea!  Not only is it a very low cost item for those on a stricter budget, but its musical… and fun… and educational!  Hooray!  Your little tike will feel so big having their own ‘computer’ just like Mommy and Daddy.  Not to mention the more they learn, it boosts their confidence and spurs them on more to keep learning and expanding their skills and knowledge!





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