How to Help Your Baby Start Walking

December 10, 2015

What an exciting time!  It’s an absolutely incredible milestone to witness, as this tiny little human being goes through the all the stages of babyhood, and graduates into toddlerhood, and begins to walk.  One thing that is very important to remember though, is don’t rush your little one.  And if you have a late walker, try not to worry.  All kids are different, and there’s no reason to pressure them or get frustrated or worried if they haven’t taken their first wobbly steps by their first birthday.  Genetics is definitely a factor.  If you or your spouse were early walkers, or late walkers, chances are your baby will follow in your footsteps.  …But there are a few things you can do to help them in this new challenge in their life!

  1.  Provide your baby with a walker toy (or two!)  

This is the exact one I used with my son.  He loved it!  Most walker toys have tons of little gadgets and things to play with that engage them in the toy, which is very helpful in aiding them in learning to walk.  When choosing a walker toy, pick one that you think will interest them and entertain them.  You’re baby can use it first to learn to pull themselves up to standing, and when they’re ready to take some steps, the ability to hold onto the toy helps them feel safe to try moving their feet.

2.  Help them strengthen their muscles

It takes some muscle development before a child can carry their weight around on two legs.  As you would guess, developing the leg muscles are very important.  But just as important, are the back muscles.  Baby needs to have strength is her back in order to hold up her torso too!  You can help your baby with getting stronger with simple activities that include reaching and grabbing.  Having a mobile in the crib and a floor gym for baby to play with on the floor are excellent activities to strengthen back muscles.

3.  Assist them

Help them by gently assisting them with their efforts.  If your kiddo has got ahold of the handles and is trying to pull himself up and can’t quite do it yet, go ahead and give him a little boost!  Eventually he’ll get it all by himself, but he’ll feel so big about his achievements (even if you helped!).  And you’ll want to assist by holding his hand as he takes steps without the walker toy as well.  Holding your hands makes him feel safe to keep trying, and helps him not be scared to fall.

4.  Encouragement and Praise

Duh!  Lol …Kids thrive on encouragement and praise.  The more the better!  Never too much I say!  Just want to caution you though, not to pressure your little one.  Again, all kids are different, and they know when they’re ready, and when they’re not yet.  Just be easy and let it happen on their time.  Just keep doing the things listed here to aid them and cheer them on, and they will take care of the rest!  Good luck!

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