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May 10, 2016

Hi I’m Ginger!  And welcome to my page!  I’m new to this website business… so bear with me, as I gradually build it, and add to it as I continue this journey of motherhood.  The purpose of my page is to share in the things I learn and experience as a mommy of a bright and handsome young son, and share in ways to really be present in your child’s life to help them learn and grow, and most importantly, have fun.

As a former career woman, this is all new to me.  I used to be a self employed hard-core sales person, travelling all the time, thriving off achievements with sales goals and earning incentives through the company I sold insurance for.  Now, I’m in a new season of my life, a full-time mom and wife, in charge of the house… cleaning, cooking, taking care of our young son.  What a change!  I am constantly seeking new ideas for recipes to cook for my family, fun “kid” recipes to get my son and step-daughter involved in the kitchen, craft ideas, and tips on anything and everything as I bring my little toddler through all his milestones of life!  I hope that I can share things that will help and benefit others who read and use the content of my website.  Thank you so much for visiting my page!

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